1. Cider house and Racecourse experience

hipodromoThis summer, San Sebastian Racecourse and cider house offer the  unforgettable experience surrounded by exclusivity, good atmosphere and the best traditional cuisine. Enjoy a guided tour of the racetrack, where you will learn about  the world of horse racing and its history, bet and enjoy horse racing from the Zubieta box.  Later on, taste the cider house menu consisting of cod omelette, cod taco with green peppers, grilled large steak, cheese, quince, walnuts and apple and pear cider.


   2. Try some of the best wines and tour the vineyards by segway 

A specialist from the winery will guide you through the tunnels and openwork where you can discover the more than 2000 square meters dug by hand, full of galleries and tunnels. You will also learn the barrel cellar and the process of production and aging of the wines.Segway en la Rioja
Afterwards tour the  ​​vineyards in a sustainable way and modern  – by segway, you will learn about the vine cultivation and preparation, you will feel and smell the vine and above all, enjoy from a different point of view. An innovative and fun experience.

3. Shepherd for a day

IMG_0188Enjoy the unique opportunity to feel the real Basque Country:  follow the trail of the authentic cheese with Designation of Origin Idiazabal, from its natural beginnings to its delicious end. You will see the flocks of sheep on their pilgrimage through the Basque countryside and the shepherds will open the doors of their farmhouses so that you can discover how they make the cheese… and, if you’re up for it, you have the chance to learn to make it yourself and to taste it in the serene beauty of a natural park.

4. The flysch routeBegi Bistan-17

Guided boat trip through the coastal stretch between Zumaia and Deba declared protected biotope.  We’ll admire the beauty of the flysch cliffs with a history of more than 50 million years, large landslides more than 100 metres high, hidden coves and one of the largest tidal flats in Europe.  This is an excellent option for peacefully visiting two of the towns in the Basque Coast Geopark.

5. Surf+Pintxos

surfStart the morning surfing in the Cantabric sea. Surf class where you will learn all the techniques to get to stay  stand up on a board. ( 1 hour )
After, roll up your sleeves to reproduce some of the best loved Basque pintxos under the guidance of your chef. Learn the secrets of some of San Sebastian’s most famous bars:  recipes, presentation techniques and variations in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Later enjoy the fruits of your labor with specially chosen local wines to compliment the dishes you have prepared.


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